For Payment Link Click here ​

At the payment page, enter your invoice number and account number and hit 'search'.

The invoice(s) available to be paid will appear.  Click on the link that says 'Click Here' under Pay Invoice. 

You will be taken to a page that lists your Quarterly Billing.  Click Pay.  

Select the payment method of credit card or check (ACH).  

You will need to enter your information in the spaces provided.  

Enter your payment information and click the box 'I understand that my billing statement will say BRISK'.

Please note that there is a 2.25% fee for all credit card transactions.  

Check (ACH) transactions do not have a fee.  

There is a $15 return fee on all ACH payments that are rejected due to insufficient funds or incorrect banking information. 

Please contact Emily Fleck at or (304) 352-0229 with any questions.